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Volume Logic V.1.3.1 - Winamp Plugin [Updated-2022]

Winamp 5.621 released Tuesday, August 27, 2011. * Improved: Added a Reset button to clear history in the Open/Add. Misc: All default plug-ins now include file description & version info . Added 64-bit compatibility on Windows XP and Vista - other changes for this release . Version 1.0.1 released on May 4, 2011. * [bugfix] Volume Logic Clementine Deezer Books; Clementine Deezer Plugin; Clementine Deezer 2019; Clementine Deezer Age. Added support for new DSS track data. - DSP 'x' song name was incorrectly added to the DSSX-3 structure. [bugfix] Volume Logic * improved compatibility with DSS versions past 3 * improved UI Version 1.0 released on July 19, 2010. * Improved: All plug-ins now include file description & version info . * Added Open Folders dialog to File_Zones to make it easier to load or change the target . * New connection dialog (with help) - easier to change connections * Changed default connect string to [mysql][mysq][mysql_links][mysqldb_links][wp_links] * Changed to use the MySQL username as the host name * changed to get_bloginfo() instead of get_site_option() * Changed default database to get_option() * made private the database name variable - upping. The version number reflects that this is the 5th version since the release of Winamp 6.5 * total number of features in this version: 33 * total number of features (non-plugin) added in this version: 12 * plugins added in this version: 11 * bugfix release: 10 * misc: 19 Version 0.5.2 released on June 8, 2010. * [bugfix] Volume Logic * bugfix: null character in memory was causing crashes - added default winamp.ini setting for max memory (if no other set). Version 0.5.1 released on May 4, 2010. * Added 'Invert' button to Volume Logic Dialog. * Bugfix: Incorrect date in volume calculation - fixed. Version 0.5.0 released on April 24, 2010. * Fixed compatibility with old r128_* volume plugins. * Added 'Gain' and 'Target' sliders to Volume Logic Dial ac619d1d87

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